Calls for Proposals

Please submit proposals for the following opportunities:

  1. Travel Grants for Japanese Studies Visitors to the Triangle (to conduct research). These grants are not to bring speakers, but to encourage faculty at schools with less resources, particularly in the southeastern U.S., to visit the Triangle to use Duke’s Japanese studies library materials or the Japanese materials in our university museums.
  2. Research Travel Grants open to faculty and graduate students from Duke, NCSU, and UNC; they provide funding for travel to and accommodation in Japan.
  3. Cross-Institutional Study Groups. Proposals are invited from Duke, NCSU, and/or UNC faculty or graduate students on Japan-related topics. Study groups should include members from at least two participating institutions. The maximum number of proposals on which a faculty member may co-sign is two. UPDATED DEADLINE: September 26th!
Please click on the appropriate link below to download the application instructions (pdf):
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