Lecture on the Artist Kawamura Kiyoo

Please join us for a lecture by Tanaka Yuji, Curator at the Edo-Tokyo Museum, who is working on an exhibition on the painter Kawamura Kiyoo (1852-1934) to be held in Japan in 2012.

Kiyoo was born into a samurai bannerman (hatamoto) family, was sent to study in the U.S., France, and Italy in 1871, and returned to Japan in 1881 to become a noted oil painter. In 1929, commissioned by Sylvain Lévi, a member of the Academy in France, Kiyoo’s work “Kenkoku” (Founding of the Nation) was accepted into the Luxembourg Museum in Paris. And in 1931, his painting “Shintenfu” (the imperial repository for war trophies from the Sino-Japanese War) was dedicated by Tokugawa Iesato to the Memorial Picture Gallery at the Meiji Shrine.

Thursday, December 8th, 4:30 p.m.
New West 219, UNC







Download the PDF poster for the talk: tanaka_poster

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