Course Offerings for Spring 2011

Summary of Duke and UNC-CH courses:

  • Introduction to Japanese Literature in Translation
    Instructor: Jan Bardsley, UNC-CH
  • Contemporary Japanese Visual Culture
    Instructor: Gennifer Weisenfeld, Duke
  • Anime: Origins, Forms, Mutations
    Instructor: Eileen Chow, Duke
  • The Trans-Pacific Matrix (US-East Asia Cultural Exchange and Global New Media)
    Instructor: Koonyoong Kim, Duke
  • Cultural Studies of Early Modern Japan
    Instructor: Morgan Pitelka, UNC-CH
  • The Pacific War
    Instructor: Miles Fletcher, UNC-CH
  • The Emergence of Modern Japan
    Instructor: Simon Partner, Duke
  • The Culture of Modern, Imperial Japan, 1900-1945
    Instructor: Mark Driscoll, UNC-CH
  • Visualizing Empire & Nation in Asia
    Instructors: Gennifer Weisenfeld & Sumathi Ramaswamy, Duke
  • History and Conjuncture (Japan’s Transformation in the 20th Century)
    Instructor: Harry Harootunian, Duke
  • Women and Japanese Religions
    Instructor: Barbara Ambros, UNC-CH
  • Zen Masters, Soldiers and Artists
    Instructor: Hwansoo Kim, Duke
  • Structure of Japanese
    Instructor: Jennifer Smith, UNC-CH

Courses taught in other years at UNC:

Advanced Japanese language courses include:

  • JAPN 305: Advanced Japanese
  • JAPN 306: Topics in Japanese Society and Culture
  • JAPN 408: Japanese Journalism
  • JAPN 409: Japanese Modernism
  • JAPN 410: Topics in Contemporary Japanese Literature
  • JAPN 411: Food and Culture in Japan
  • JAPN 412: Making Music in Japan
  • JAPN 420: Reading Japanese History
  • JAPN 490: Topics in Japanese Language and Literature
  • JAPN 519: Structure of Modern Japanese Language
  • JAPN 590: Advanced Topics in Japanese Language and Literature

Courses on Japan include:

  • First-Year Seminar: The American Life of Japanese Women
  • First-Year Seminar: Chasing Madame Butterfly
  • First-Year Seminar: From Dragons to Pokemon: Animals in Japanese Myth, Folklore, and Religion
  • First-Year Seminar: Japanese Tea Culture
  • Globalization in East Asia/East Asianized Globalization
  • Cowboys, Samurai, and Rebels in Film and Fiction
  • Almost Despicable Heroines in Japanese and Western Literature
  • Rhetoric of Silence: Cross-Cultural Theme and Technique
  • Cross-Currents in East-West Literature
  • Literary Landscapes in Europe and Japan
  • Introduction to Japanese Literature in Translation
  • Geisha in History, Fiction, and Fantasy*
  • Japanese Popular Culture
  • Japanese Theater
  • The Culture of Modern Imperial Japan, 1900-1945
  • Colonial East Asia/Postcolonial Japan
  • Cultural Studies of Early Modern Japan
  • Introduction to Japanese Film and Animation
  • Women and Work in Japan
  • Women Writers in Japanese Society
  • Embodying Japan: The Cultures of Beauty, Sports
  • Premodern Japanese History and Culture
  • Early Modern Japanese History and Culture
  • Swords, Tea Bowls, and Woodblock Prints: Exploring Japanese Material Culture
  • Asian Studies: An Introduction
  • Samurai, Monks, and Pirates: History and Historiography of Japan’s Long Sixteenth Century
  • Japan in the 20th Century
  • Premodern Japanese Religions
  • Japanese Religions after 1868
  • Mountains, Pilgrimage, and Sacred Places in Japan
  • Shinto in Japanese History
  • Animals in Japanese Religion